Central City Boxing & Barbell's Youth Development Program begins with the "Learn to Box" program or "Learn to Lift" program, each of which would be offered to an interested youth. The "Learn to Box" program would be instructional with no contact teaching only the science, fundamentals and execution of baseline skills. Below is the introduction of the "Learn to Box" Program as it relates to life skills:


Boxing (The Sweet Science)

"Boxing is the balance between primal instinct and civilized decision." Boxing is not just about boxing, Boxing is about life. A boxers performance is closely related to his or her performance in life. It becomes very evident how an individual performs in life by how he or she performs in the boxing ring. How will YOU act when faced with adversity? How will YOU confront the obstacle in front of you? Will YOU stay calm or panic? Will YOU stand your ground and accept it, will YOU go right at it, or will YOU run away from it? Boxing is a great opportunity to become aware of how you will react when facing a challenge; which of your tools are working and which tools are not working. Only after you become aware of your abilities will you have the choice to alter those patterns. The way you are with your teammates, coaches and officials is the same way you will be with the people in your life; friends, family, co-workers, teachers, bosses, etc. Boxing is the perfect tool for a young person to learn commitment, discipline, accountability, and how to work as a team within the training environment while being individually responsible for your own actions and performance.

There are four (4) components to boxing that relate to life:

            1. Relation to SELF.

            2. Relation to OPPONENT.

            3. Relation to ENVIRONMENT.

            4. Relation to JUDGES.

1. Relation to Self: Everything that is centered and balanced in relation to you;
            (a) Knowing your full range of motion:

                        BOXING: Where can you move; forward or backwards, side to side.

                        LIFE: Where can you go and what options are available to you.

            (b) Weight distribution:

                        BOXING: Knowing where your center of gravity is and where is can be shifted.

                        LIFE: Knowing where you are in life and which way your goals can be shifted. 

            (c) Balance:

                        BOXING: Where are your feet in relation to your body and what options are available to you in relation to your ability.

                        LIFE: Where is your position in life in relation to your goals and what options are available to you.

            (d) Limitations:

                        BOXING: Knowing your comfort and ability level and not attempting a skill that is not in your skill set.

                        LIFE:  Knowing your comfort and ability level and not attempting a goal that may otherwise be unattainable.

2. Relation to Opponent: How I use my skills/strategies, while facing a moving or stationary target.

            BOXING: Where is your body is relation to your opponent and what angles are being utilized in reference to your strategy.

            LIFE: Where are you in life in relation to your goals. What angles are being used to obtain your goals.


3. Relation to the Environment: Broadening my awareness from self and Opponent, to where I am in the ring. (Ring Awareness)

            BOXING: Knowing where you are in the ring in relation to the corners, the ropes, and the center of the ring, etc.

            LIFE: Knowing where you are in life while being aware of your surroundings and what position you need to be in to obtain your next goal.

4. Relation to the Judges: Understanding how you are perceived from the outside.

            BOXING: Boxing is a sport with rules and judges. The result of a boxing match is largely based upon the perception of the judges judging the match. One of the ways to win a boxing match is to have the judges score in your favor.

            LIFE: Life involves rules and laws that are designed to not only protect a person but to judge a person based on his ability to follow the rules. A persons perception of a given   individual can directly affect the outcome of a given task.


This is how Boxing relates to life. How are you with Self, Others, Environment and the World?

Central City Boxing & Barbell

Youth Development

Learn to Box Program

Central City Boxing & Barbell


Our intentions are to maintain a Youth Development Program with a strong partnership with the Police Department, School Department, District Attorney's Office and area civic organizations to foster that relationship providing an atmosphere that promotes physical, behavioral, emotional and social development with an emphasis on education. Our programs will target the at-risk youth of Springfield by providing opportunities to become involved in Boxing, Weight training and overall athletic programs, both competitive and noncompetitive, which teach values, discipline and ethics while providing confidence and motivation to these youths to succeed not only in the gym, but in life.

Our facility is working to establish a “Homework Room” where the youth would come after school to do their homework with the assistance of volunteer tutors prior to training. We emphasize that winning begins in the classroom and through a comprehensive partnership with Springfield Public Schools; we hope to promote education as a key essential in overall victory. 

As a member progresses through the step process of Central City Boxing & Barbell, we continue that process after high school by encouraging our members to further their education while continuing their training goals. We have partnered with the University of Massachusetts Boxing Program which will supply mentorships to our members not only in the art of boxing but in the educational process as well. We also hope to include the Movement Science Department of Springfield College to provide internships by creating programs to our members in athletics. We have also partnered with the Westover Air Reserve Base Boxing Team to incorporate programs in boxing as well as mentoring programs should members become interested in military enlistment. In addition, we have partnered with Porter & Chester Institute who has been a sponsor for the last four years. Porter & Chester Institute is committed to assisting us in providing opportunities to our members who desire education in a skilled trade or profession. We hope to incorporate a scholarship program that would help provide opportunities through scholarships and grants to assist these at-risk youth to achieve their maximum potential by making higher education available without regard to financial circumstance. With these programs we hope to release educated, well-adjusted citizens into the community that we believe promote a vibrant work force that is essential for economic success in the area.

Youth Development Program

Mission Statement


It is the mission of Central City Boxing & Barbell Inc. to create opportunities for our at-risk youth though structured programs that are character based placing an emphasis on education. Central City Boxing & Barbell is dedicated to implementing after-school program(s) with high school age students to use boxing and weightlifting as a vehicle to create structure by initiating goal oriented sports training to young people, and to ultimately inspire these youth to become part of a team and develop strong individuals including physical, mental and emotional development.

Central City Boxing & Barbell Inc. is an approved 501(c)3 non-profit corporation



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